TechTissue – Validate human-based 3D in vitro models for accurate drug discovery and development towards a successful market entry




Horizonte 2020

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75.000,00 €

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75.000,00 €


Metatissue is among the 50 women-led deep-tech companies selected for the new programme Women TechEU. Women TechEU scheme is a new pilot programme that aims to support women-led deep-tech businesses with grants of €75,000 and a mentorship scheme made available through the European Innovation Council’s Women Leadership Programme.

TechTissue intend to achieve the current Metatissue strategy by exploiting its business opportunity and setting a successful business strategy and commercialization plan based on the technical optimisation of the product, the assessed market requirements, the end-user needs and the competitor analysis.

Metatissue is focused on the design, production and commercialization of chemically modified human-derived proteins to prepare hydrogels, sponges and bioinks to improve 3D cell and disease modelling for drug discovery and development, tissue engineering, and personalized medicine advancements. Metatissue has developed a bioactive platelet-rich plasma derivative precursor that can be cured upon light exposure to form soft materials with tunable mechanical properties. Such materials provide functional support for cell growth and interact with cells to control their function, guiding the process of tissue morphogenesis. This platform is the first to offer complete human-based material for 3D cell culture and an easy-to-use solution for clinical purposes. This deep technology enables researchers to culture human cells in a physiologically relevant microenvironment for applications in cell culture research, drug screening and development, cancer research, tissue engineering, replacement of animal testing and therapeutic applications. These materials present an alternative to the gold standard materials that are currently used in cell culture assays, which generally comprise animal-derived proteins that form a gel under corporal conditions. This technology will have a significant impact on the 3D cell culture market and pharmaceutical industry by accelerating drug screening and development reducing associated costs.

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TechTissue has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101072131