My experience at Metatissue #1 Gonçalo Amador

My experience at Metatissue #1 Gonçalo Amador

“During my term at Metatissue, I was able to challenge myself in multiple ways, and when I got into this position, I couldn’t have imagined the testing, yet so many rewarding times that were ahead.

Coming from a Biotechnology background, and as my first ever job opportunity, in the beginning, my tasks were to optimize the transition of PLMA production to a larger scale, and for that purpose, I took an active role in setting up a new laboratory, which allowed me to get comfortable contacting several distributors and commercial personnel. Then, the core activities I took part in were establishing a commercially ready product. That in itself was the biggest challenge because it ended up opening my eyes to what happens behind the curtains of an enterprise, starting with raw material acquisition, processing, and optimization, and ending up with a package-ready product, subjected to quality control, traceability, and regulatory framework.



Along the way, together with our team, I enrolled in a technology acceleration program that helped to align the company’s vision with the market demand, where I could mature some business strategy development skills. During that time I had the opportunity to represent the team in a final presentation pitch at the Tivoli Theater in Lisbon, in front of an investor and mentor-filled audience. Finally, I was also challenged with taking part in multiple commercial meetings with national and international researchers with the intent of exposing our product to the market.


  • Metatissue has a clear opportunity to distinguish itself as a human-derived material manufacturer in the booming market that is the 3D cell culture one. The environment felt here is one that provides personal and professional growth, in ways that stimulate every team member’s entrepreneurial skills, which I much have appreciated. The opportunity to be inserted in a science park also allows the company to integrate several services and facilities that potentiate its expansion and great work surroundings.

This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my colleagues, whom I can now call my friends. Great team synergy is the core of any successful venture, and we have plenty of that. Thank you for all the great memories and hope to see you on future adventures!”

Gonçalo Amador