Human-based products for Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering

Human-like Microenvironments

Metatissue® was founded in 2018 by bringing together expertise from the COMPASS Research Group from CICECO, University of Aveiro.

We are focused on the design, production and commercialization of chemically modified human-derived proteins to prepare hydrogels, sponges and bioinks to improve 3D cell culture, disease modelling for drug development and personalized medicine advancements. Our solutions were conceived to create predictive and truly translatable 3D biological in vitro models.

Our technology’s potential to reduce or completely replace the use of animals for biological screenings will have a significant impact on the 3D cell culture market and pharmaceutical industry. Through the use of Metatissue’s platforms only the most relevant drug candidates, which show promising results, move forward to currently inefficient clinical trials. This is a cost-effective solution by significantly reducing wasted time and resources, alongside supporting animal welfare.

Located at PCI · Creative Science Park Aveiro Region, with fully equipped facilities for the successful development of R&D projects and cutting-edge products.


“Xeno-free platforms produced from ethically and easy available human sources.”

Meet our team

Over the years, Metatissue® has become a highly multidisciplinary team, made up of members from very different backgrounds. This has been the key not only to build a strong and motivated team, but also to continue developing new technologies capable of satisfying the needs of society and our customers! Check out our team members below.