Human-based products for Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering

Human-like Microenvironments

Metatissue® is focused on designing and manufacturing human protein-based products that find application in cell culture, tissue engineering and regeneration and disease modelling.

Our biomaterials provide realistic microenvironments for cell culture allowing for greater cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interaction resemblance, thereby increasing the accuracy of in vitro studies.

The extracellular matrix of living tissues is composed by a great diversity of structural proteins and bioactive factors. For this reason, mimicking its function in vitro continues to be a big challenge. Our strategy is to use ethically sourced human proteins to produce the next-generation of xeno-free biomimetic 3D cell culture platforms.

Our commitment

Design of innovative human-based products that provide a realistic microenvironment to cells.

Reduce drug development costs and time to market by increasing the accuracy of in-vitro preclinical studies.

Lead the reduction of in-vivo testing through the ethical implementation of 3R’s animal research principles.

The innovation potential of Metatissue ®

Improve the correlation between laboratorial research and clinical trials, while reducing animal testing and increasing the speed of scientific discoveries.